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“Top 20 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Guide”

Knowledge-based Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers which will turn out to be extremely helpful.Commonly expected analytical Digital Marketing Interview Questions,Personalized Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Freshers, Digital Marketing Executive, as well as Digital Marketing Manager.

Knowledge-Based Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers
Listed below are some of the basic Digital Marketing interview questions and answers, an interviewer can ask to check your knowledge about Digital Marketing.
Q1) How will you explain Digital Marketing?
Ans: Digital Marketing is about  marketing tactics through the online mediums. It includes various techniques like SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, link building, etc.
Q2) In what ways can you categorize the term Digital Marketing?
Ans: The term Digital Marketing is categorized into two major segments:
Inbound Marketing,In this technique, one can take help of social media, digital content in terms of e-newsletter, webinars, or e-books to increase the number of clicks on links. This helps them to learn about a company and the product offerings.
Outbound Marketing
This aspect includes reaching out to potential clients via digital platforms, placing ads, emails, and calls.
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Q3) Why is online marketing preferred over offline marketing?
Ans: Most of the people go for Digital Marketing nowadays because of various benefits. The online tools for marketing is SEO, Hosting, and Web Development. The number of leads are extraordinary. One can reach many individuals online and set a worldwide target.Whereas the number of people who prefer reading newspapers, watching television, etc. is decreasing, comparatively.
Q4) What do you mean by a responsive website?
Ans: Responsive Website may refer to multiple things like a site created using Responsive Web Design (RWD), and a fast website that responds very well to user interactions.Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Ans: A website that adjusts its layout as per the viewport size and the orientation of the device. The content presented on big screens and small screens are the same but with a different layout to provide an optimal experience on that screen size.

Q5) What is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website?
Ans: To effectively increase traffic to your website focus on referring links and SEO.  It will not only help one gain visitors but will also help in brand recognition. However, the most important factor is to focus on User Retention.
For instance, getting a Moz link and receiving 10k visitors on the website is quite a good result. Though you must note that the conversion rate will be relatively low. However, the converted leads are certain to land on the website multiple times. But if you focus on retaining users, you will experience an increased conversion rate gained from those thousands of visits in a couple of months. By focusing on engaging the user, you can build a site where people will keep coming back.
Q6) Do you know useful Digital Marketing tools?
Ans: Here are top Digital Marketing Tools:
Keyword Discovery
Alexa Ranking
Google Analytics
Crazy Egg Heatmaps
Favicon Generator
XML Sitemap Generator
SubmitExpress Link Popularity
Digital Point Keyword Tracker
Q7) Do you know the difference between branding and direct marketing?
In branding
An advertiser needs to expose his brand on applications and sites with mass reach. The most popular methods are custom ads, YouTube ads, remarketing, and display ads target.
In direct marketing
The advertiser is interested in communicating with the target audience. The most common campaigns are dynamic search ads, shopping ads, Search Network Only etc.
Q8) What is Google AdWords Remarketing?
Ans: Google AdWords Remarketing is a targeted marketing strategy which helps marketers to reach people who previously visited their website but didn’t make a purchase. This type of remarketing helps in targeting right people with the right ad.
Q9) What are the limitations of Online Marketing?
Ans: The limitations of Digital Marketing are:
The products and services offered and promoted are not tangible, therefore, the customer cannot analyse the product before buying.
There is always an uncertainty as the authentication and quality of the products and services cannot be confirmed.
At times, products seen online may differ from the product delivered to the customer.
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Commonly Expected Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers
Here are some Digital Marketing interview questions and answers that are common across all job profiles:
Q1) What attracted you to Digital Marketing industry?
Ans: Be honest here.
Answer why you applied for this job in the first place? Did the industry’s reputation attract you? Or the high-paying jobs in Digital Marketing industry?
By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know your commitment to the industry and see what makes you the best pick among all the candidates available. Therefore, it is important that you show full commitment and enthusiasm for the industry.
With an honest answer, you will reflect your commitment to the sector in long run.
Q2) What do you like the most in Digital Marketing?
Ans: Say what you like! Consider which tasks you are looking forward to in your day and which all areas you enjoy working on the most.
Note: Don’t opt for ‘easy’ tasks only. Talk about the challenges you would wish to take up.
Q3) How will your experience benefit our Digital Marketing business?
Ans:Don’t jitter! All you must talk about is the personal experience, your past, and how your skills will benefit the business overall. Talk about your Digital Marketing story that helped you learn a lot of things and how this knowledge could help the business.
Focus on your unique abilities. Talk about how you are different from the rest of the applicants. In crux, talk in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience you have got so far.
Q4) Where do you see yourself five years down in the Digital Marketing industry?
Ans: Now, that’s a cliched Digital Marketing interview question. It is up to you how you answer this question. The interviewer wants to know if you are worth the investment they will be making in you or not.
Don’t talk about your personal aspirations. Instead, talk about the following things:
Professional goals
Core strengths and how they can benefit the company
Interest in the profile you have applied for
Q5) How do you stay updated with news and latest Digital Marketing trends?
Ans: This question is asked quite often. Since Digital Marketing is a dynamic field, it is important to stay updated with the blogs, books, webinars, and podcasts to go for. Don’t just say something that you haven’t done as a follow-up question can get you in trouble.
Personalized Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers
Here are some specialized questions with respect to the type of profile you have applied for… for Arranging interview please fill the form here

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Digital Marketing Fresher Jobs
In the case of Digital Marketing Freshers, you will often encounter questions relating to your theoretical knowledge. The interviewer will test the confidence you have on your skills and knowledge, therefore, be prepared with the following questions:
Q1) How will you rate yourself on the scale of 1 to 10 based on your Digital Marketing knowledge?
Ans: Neither underestimate yourself nor overestimate.
By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know if you know your strengths and weaknesses. Analyse what all skills and knowledge you have and how much more is to be learned.
Q2) The number of likes/follows vs engagement numbers. Which one is important?
Ans: Now, that’s a tricky one! If you are not exploring and curious enough, you would never know social media is not all about the number of likes and follows. If those likes and follows don’t convert into sales or boost your business, what’s the point? Therefore, engagement is better than likes or follows. Any day.
Digital Marketing Executive
Q1) We wish to engage more of our target audience through Facebook (or any social media platform). How would you go about that?
Ans: Now that’s an important and tricky question. The interviewer wants to test if you have mugged up answer or you actually know about their target audience.
You should not be talking about the tactical approach to marketing decisions rather take the time to step back and analyse the situation before jumping to a solution. Ask the interviewer few questions like ‘Are you trying to reach something or what specifically are you trying to achieve?’ to understand and answer the question efficiently.
Q2) Is there anything we are doing wrong right now? How would you change it?
Ans: Here comes the question which demands you to know everything about the company for which you have applied. Therefore, it is always better to do your research and go through the company’s website, check their social media profiles, get a clear idea about their clients and then you will easily know what wrong the company is doing.
It is perfect to point out their mistake but never end your answer without a proper solution.
Here you can prove 3 points while you answer the above question:
You have assessed the current tactics and strategy of the company
You are honest about the shortcomings you have identified.
Offer some constructive strategies to prove you are beyond critics.
Digital Marketing Manager
Here are some Digital Marketing interview questions and answers for experienced ones:
Q1) How would you setup, track, and analyze if a campaign was a success?
Ans: Talk about the driving goal of the campaign which could vary from increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or boost social media followers. According to the objective of the campaign, a strategized plan is laid out.
You must also talk about tracking the progress of the campaign via Google Analytics or any other monitoring tool to stay updated with the campaign’s progress. Explain how you are going to go about it. It is important that you mention visions which can be acted upon.

Pro Tips for Digital Marketing Interview
You have got your hands on Digital Marketing Interview questions and answers but there are some important points to remember if you wish to ace your Digital Marketing interview. Read the below mentioned points before your Digital Marketing interview and prepare yourself with answers if you wish to land in your dream job. (Don’t forget to be confident!
1.) Make use of information available to you
You have LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and every possible social media platform that brings information to you. Make use of it! Live Broadcast, for instance, Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat etc. is the next big thing now. Make use of these sites to feed yourself with the latest updates.
2.) Make sure your LinkedIn profile is fixed
You should keep your LinkedIn profile updated with the details of your job profile you are currently working in or the profile you are seeking a job in. Present your educational qualifications and skills in a crisp format. Take help from our blog on Learn To make Perfect LinkedIn Profile.
3.) Optimize your LinkedIn profile
Make sure your LinkedIn profile has a descriptive headline to let the HR look for talent easily. Make use of intellectual language to give a good impression on the recruiters.
4.) Be a social bird
The world is growing socially. Being active on various networking sites will help you in the long run. They showcase the people you follow, your views on various issues, and about your personality. For instance, your Facebook account or Twitter account says a lot about you.

Digital Marketing Manager Interview Questions
Your Digital Marketing Manager should have a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution. This means working with the marketing team, any supporting teams (such as programmers), and any vendors to launch campaigns on time and on budget. Interview questions for digital marketing should assess their ability to strategically plan campaigns based on existing needs, and analyze results when campaigns have concluded.
As a marketing manager, this person will likely report to a VP of Marketing or a Marketing Director. Although they are not directly responsible for the long-term success of the company, they should be able to see how their activities impact the big picture goals of the business. This person must be organized, resourceful, creative, and have strong interpersonal skills. They may be in charge of hiring and training staff. If so, be sure to add interview questions around coaching, motivating, delegating tasks, and monitoring the performance of their colleagues.
Use the following digital marketing interview questions as a starting point and tailor them according to your needs. These are open-ended, situational questions that encourage candidates to speak at length about their approach to planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. The best candidates will be metrics-driven and will have exceptional communication skills. They’ll demonstrate success through numbers and have strong work samples to share. They’ll also be knowledgeable about your product and customers, and will tailor their digital marketing interview questions and answers accordingly. They may even prepare a campaign plan, or offer original suggestions for improvement.
Role-specific questions
Talk about one of your most effective campaigns. What made them so effective?
How do you know when a campaign has failed? What metrics do you use?
What does the conversion funnel look like at your company?
How many people are on your current marketing team? What are their roles?
How would you describe your current brand’s tone of voice and visual identity?
How do your customers inform your approach to brand-building?
How do you get product feedback from your customers?
What tools do you use to stay organized?
Talk about your experience with editorial calendars.
What is the relationship between SEO and content marketing?
What are some common SEO mistakes in digital content production?
What are the most important and effective social media channels for your brand?
What is your experience with marketing automation?
What role does paid advertising play in your overall strategy?
What is your experience with co-marketing campaigns?
What is the importance of thought leadership at your current organization?
Describe a time you worked with a team to create a campaign on a tight budget.
What is your approach to structuring a marketing budget?
What is your approach to editing copy?
Describe a time you gave constructive feedback to a colleague.
Describe a time your team didn’t agree with your direction. How did you handle it?
How would you handle negative feedback about your brand?
What’s interesting about our current marketing? What could we do better?
Total: 98
Another day another rejection letter…What’s wrong with my Digital Marketing Resume?
Ram and Shyam both applied for the same job but why did Ram got an interview call and the other didn’t. (I know, sorry for the clichéd names)
When I was new to the Digital Marketing industry, I also had no clue why many of my friends got a call from big brands even though we were applying together for that position (although I smiled and said never mind, but that does hurt).
It wasn’t too late when I realized I didn’t lack the capability but it was my resume which didn’t attract the recruiter. I missed out the basics of how to write a digital marketing resume and it wasn’t perfect or even near perfect.
Moreover, recruiters only spend 6.25 seconds looking at your CV (Forbes, 2012).

How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume
Let’s get started…
1.What’s your Target?
If you know who your audience is and what is important to them, you can shape your message accordingly. Thereby, increasing the probability of you getting an interview call is high.
Keep the type of job and company you are applying to. Also, ask yourself questions like: Is the job only concerned with writing blogs, or will it require web analytics and keyword research skills too? Who the employer is? Is the company small where you need to know bits and parts of every aspect of digital marketing or is the company big that requires you to know specialized skills?
Once you know, you are good to go to draft a digital marketing resume that will be surely selected.
Pro tip: Highlight the skills and keywords that interest the hiring manager.
2. What’s your Unique Value Proposition?
To create an effective resume, define what your unique blend of skills is. Develop your own proposition. Think and write down aspects that differentiates you from the crowd.
Highlight your unique blend of skills aka unique value proposition. What makes you different from others? Your ability to write catchy headlines or your in-depth research?  Or maybe, your ability to create compelling videos? Whatsoever it may be, find it and define it in your digital marketing resume.
Pro tip: Consider it aligning it with the job you are applying to.
3. Identified your Messaging Strategy?
Determine your messaging strategy before you write your resume. You are required to think about:
The best structure for your resume to highlight your value proposition.
The keywords ideal for your employer.
Give real world examples of your value proposition.
The best design and layout to reinforce your message.
Pro tip: All these aspects should be carefully thought of before you write your resume. Make sure you keep in mind your target audience.
4. Is your Resume Seen?
Well, if you don’t have a connection at the company you are applying to, then most probably you will need to apply through a PC/laptop. The process makes it so difficult to upload it in a format that allows all recipients to read it as intended, like a PDF. Therefore, it is crucial to check spacing issues as confusing formatting might distract them from the content.
The most common are Microsoft Word Pages:
Microsoft Word: Choose File > Save as Adobe PDF

7 Things to Focus in your Digital Marketing Resume
Humans will be humans… By that, I mean they get easily annoyed, are biased, and get bored easily!
They are going to read your resumes and will probably get annoyed if you haven’t put things in a chronological order. They won’t waste a second reading those paragraph long job description and probably get excited on seeing the same college you also went to.
Here are few of the things that really matters to any recruiter:
1. Formatting
The way you collect your thoughts and organize those ideas is formatting. How they structure is a clear way that tells the recruiter about candidate’s abilities. Straying too far from normal formatting makes it hard to read and understand your resume.
If you are making an infographic resume, keep it simple. Overdoing things might kill the impression.
2. Length
Another important factor is the length of your resumes. Keep your resume length to one page if possible. Since the hiring managers spend only six seconds to decide whether they like your resume or not.
Even if you have a really good amount of experience, don’t exceed two pages. Recruiters always have the chance to look at your LinkedIn profile to know the full story. Therefore, make your LinkedIn profile stand out.
3. Interests and Hobbies
Including interests and hobbies depends on the type of job and the company you are applying to. If you are applying for jobs like painting and photography, the section of hobbies could be interesting to an employer. However, if you are applying for jobs like accountant or administrator, then hobby like skydiving wouldn’t be a good decision to include. Also, the digital marketing manager resume would look different from digital marketing resume for freshers.
Think about the conclusions someone could draw from your hobbies relative to the role you’re hiring for. Do they enhance or detract from the image you’re trying to convey?
Also, if you know the organization’s culture is such that it embraces unique individuals that have a range of background and interests, then it is a useful information. But don’t expect the same from conservative organizations. In fact, they might view hobbies as ‘distractions’.
4. Dates of employment
Both job hopping and large gaps in employment are considered as red flags to hiring managers. It might come to the employer that you are unable to commit to one organization, and that’s something no company would want.
Tip: You should stay at a job for at least a year or two. Otherwise, it is considered as a no signal.
And if you took longer than six months off of work, you explain the gap on your resume. For instance, you can add ‘took time off for personal reasons’ or may be ‘took a break for family time’. The hiring managers just want to see a rational explanation for your job gap.
5. Location
Location is an important factor. The recruiters want to know if there’s a need to get you relocated. If you omit the location in your CV, the hiring managers might be skeptic about the same.
If you live nearby, then it is great. However, if the location is far, be prepared with the relocation status questions in an interview.
6. College
What should you focus in your CV: the school you went to or what you studied?
The answer lies in the type of job you are applying for. Mostly, your degree should compliment your role. This doesn’t imply that only marketing graduates can apply to marketing jobs. They can hire someone who came out of art studies like writing or graphic design. Your ability to market product is important.

It also depends on your success at the school you attended. While there are companies which only call graduates of top tier schools but it is certainly not an underestimating point. A community college with 85% could be more attractive than an IIM graduate with 43%.
Tip: If your percentage or GPA is low, consider removing it altogether. If you had great jobs and accomplishments following graduation but didn’t have a good GPA, consider removing your GPA earlier.
7. Bullet Points in Each Section
You should not add more than five to six bullet points in your each position. Since these recruiters are scanning your resumes really quickly, so you want to make it easy for them to find and digest the relevant information.
Tip: Say no to paragraphs!
Digital Marketing is an industry where everything can be measured and analyzed, this means you have an opportunity to tell an impressive story of success. Remember, no paragraphs! Only crisp bullet points.
~Focus on accomplishments before duties
This means you need to mention how you succeeded in a role before you mention the role. For instance, if you had a senior management role, mention the number of people you managed.
~Include metrics and goals
Once you mention the metrics or quantifiable goal, it becomes easier for hiring managers to compare you against other candidates. For instance, rising social media engagements, driving more traffic to the website, etc. Once you have your accomplishments and metrics together, you can turn them into bullet points like:
Drove 5 times more traffic to the website by optimizing the keywords.
Grew eCommerce sales 20% in 3 months by redesigning and A/B testing all landing pages.
Here is a Digital Marketing Resume Sample for more clarity:

5 Tips for Making your Digital Marketing Resume Better
You can make several digital marketing resume mistakes while drafting your CV. In order to avoid making common resume mistakes, follow these 5 tips to make your CV stand out:
1. Clean, Simple and to the Point
An easy to read and clear CV helps you appear like the organized digital marketer you are. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind that your formatting and font type is consistent and clean. The highlights of your CV should be you, your experience, and your message.
Avoid messy design elements wherever you can as it distracts your reader. Here are few things you can do:
Short and to the point bullet points
Good hyperlinks
Bold headings
2. Spell check & Proofread
In the Digital Marketing industry where communication is the key, it is unacceptable to do typos in your CV. Your grammar should be flawless, sentences should be clear and the core message should be immediately recognizable.
3. Don’t Forget your Mission Statement
Your mission statement is the core of your CV. So don’t just copy and paste from a good CV. Make your own personal tagline. This is the first impression the recruiter will form of you.
Be a little creative.
4. Market yourself
An online marketing resume is unique. By that, I mean it gives your hiring manager a glimpse of what your ability is. How well you can showcase your talents. They will think if you can’t market yourself then how are you going to market the company?
Take the opportunity to sell your abilities.
5. Be Specific: Give Numbers & Names
‘I am a good analyst’
How will I know that you are a good analyst from this tasteless statement? Therefore, while you are writing your digital marketing CV, it is important to mention the specifications of your success and what did you achieve in your previous organizations.
You can talk about your achievements in terms of figures, KPIs, percentages, and other measurable outcomes. This will give an impression that you have a firm grasp of the knowledge about the practicality of the industry.
We learn from mistakes, right? Also, a career in Digital Marketing has a lot of opportunities and you can’t afford to make a mistake. So here is how you can write a digital marketing resume flawlessly which will get you your dream job.
Although ‘How to write a Digital Marketing Resume’ could be a difficult task and most important one! What are the problems you are facing in writing a perfect marketing resume?

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