Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Digital marketing is creating the online presence and enhancing the brand popularity of the products or services. Communication, creativity and analytical skills are the desired skills to become successful in the digital marketing field. Make your digital marketing quotient dumped with the answers to the interview questions. The intelligent quotient or the knowledge helps the individual to land in their dream job and we empower the learners to get the knowledge required with the Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. Though digital marketing is understood with the effort from using the different online sources the idea or the concept behind these techniques used are well explained with the following questions and answers. We bridge the gap between the dearth of knowledge and the comprehensive knowledge as a pioneer in training the students with digital marketing course.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is about marketing through different channels with techniques like SEO, SEM, link building, E-mail marketing and PPC. Join the Digital Marketing Training in Chennai to learn about the marketing trends from the marketing leaders which enhances your knowledge.

2.Explain SEO in Digital marketing?

SEO is about Search engine optimization and it helps to improve the traffic to the website. It makes the web page visible to the viewers with certain standards or guidelines mentioned by the Google. Website name, URL, page content, meta tags, internal links, external links, and the page design or theme are the on-page elements of the SEO which makes the web page optimized.

3.Explain what is key word research in Digital marketing?

The main focus in the digital marketing techniques is to catch the targeted audience with matching keywords or key phrase. The first page of the Google is more focused when optimizing the web page. The key words should be relevant to the web page and most used by the Google users for the Google search. The syllabus and the practical classes with the examples make the Digital Marketing Course in Velachery as the best course to learn intensively.

4.What are the tools used for the key word research?

Google ad words, Google analytics, Google trends, Word stream, Moz, and SEMrush are the tools used for the key word research. Digital Marketing Course is the best course for the beginners to enter in to the software industry.

5.Explain the On-page and off-page techniques in Digital marketing? On-page optimization is about the changes made with the visible web page for the optimization like the URL, content, keywords, SEO tittle, Meta tag, internal link and the external links.

6.Explain the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO? White hat techniques are doing the SEO practices as per the guidelines of the Google. White hat SEO techniques are content marketing, optimizing the HTML with the tags, generating link from campaigns, doing efficient key word research, link building and restructuring the website. Black hat SEO techniques are keyword stuffing, hidden link, and hidden text. White hat techniques are good for the long term reputation of the brand name. Digital Marketing Training in Tambaram trains the candidate with example of how to create blogs, how to generate backlinks for the content and how to promote the product with real time examples.

7.What is the difference between traditional marketing and the digital marketing? Traditional marketing is using the media for the advertisement like TV, radio and newspaper to promote the demand for the product. Digital marketing is about on-line marketing with the SEO, Web development and hosting.

8.Explain Keyword streaming in Digital marketing? Keyword streaming is about searching the relevant keywords and choosing the best keyword to optimise the web page.

9.What are the different digital marketing techniques? The online marketing is otherwise called as digital marketing and the different techniques of the digital marketing are SEM, SEO, SMM, Web analysis, email marketing and content marketing. SEM is the Search engine management which is about paid advertisements in the Google. The search ads should consist of the important information and the action required. SEO is about search engine optimization and it focus on the website and the backlinks. SMM is about social media marketing which shows the way to market in Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Digital Marketing Training trains the students with practical approach of how to generate link to the web site.

10.What are the different tools used in digital marketing? SEM rush, Google Alert, Google trends, XML sitemap generator, crazy egg heat maps, favicon generator, stumble upon, digital point keyword tracker, keyword discovery, open site explorer, submit express link popularity and Google analytics are some of the tools used to do digital marketing.

11.Which places are important in the website to add the keywords? Website title, Headings, web page content, headings, meta tag and website URL are the places to add the keyword in the website.

12.Explain Google Ad words? Google ad words are the platform built by Google for the advertisements. It is the advertising system which works on pay per click concept. The advertisements are designed with the text, image and budget. The payment is increased as per the number of clicks from the viewers.

13.List out the extensions in the Google ad words? Call extensions, callout extension, App extension, affiliate location extension, site link extension, structured snippet extension and promote extension are some of the extensions from the Google ad words. Digital Marketing Training in OMR understand about the interest of the candidates and provides the techniques to do marketing in different fields like Google, Facebook, you tube and other marketing channels.

14.How to create back links for the website for a newly launched website? Creating external links to the website from authorized web sites, submit guest post to the authorized websites with the website link, Use social media to promote the website link, Search in the social media to do the guest post to promote your website link, and do competitor analysis to get the quality links relevant to your domain. These are the natural ways of creating the backlinks. Digital Marketing is interesting subject to learn as it is result oriented subject and the desired result pushes the learners to learn more techniques in marketing.

15.What are the elements which plays a great role in the conversion rates? The conversion rates are the ratio of the total visitors and the total visitors who have performed the desired actions in the website. The goal of the online business is to make the viewer to file an enquiry and make them to buy the product or service after the enquiry. Try to know which element in the web page attracts the customer, make changes in the layout, style and landing page, and create communities among the client to build strong relationships with the clients.

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