Top 10 Bulk SMS Providers in India

Top 10 Bulk SMS Providers in India
Bulk SMS services allow businesses to reach a large customer base within seconds. As a result, businesses face no limitations on growth and can scale as required. Be it startups trying to reach potential clients or an established firm trying to expand overseas, Bulk Messaging allows every kind of business to strategically plan their communication and decide the extent of exposure. Through these services you can send reminders, alerts, updates and other information which is of importance to your customers, on a platform and at a time that is most convenient for them.
In this new era of messaging, customers check 98% of the messages they receive, however, open only 20% of their emails. This proves that messaging is an optimal type of communication to keep your audience engaged, get the desired information to them and in turn be able to build strong customer relationships and benefit from loyalty.
In India, there are numerous Bulk SMS providers to choose from. Price comparisons alone cannot help you find the best bulk sms service providers for your business. It is important to analyze each factor that would determine the quality, quantity and effectiveness of your communication with your customers.
Considering these factors, which include maximum returns, customer care, powerful SMS APIs, scaling flexibility, transparent prices, data security and minimal downtime, here’s a compiled list of the top 10 Bulk SMS providers in India. This list will give you detailed information on Bulk SMS providers that are best in the industry. After understanding what your company is looking for you will be able to choose the most ideal SMS provider, based on its offerings.
1. TextLocal
Founded in 2005, TextLocal is based in the UK and offers services in India as well. Its services comprise of Bulk SMS, 2 Way Messaging and Email to SMS. TextLocal provides authentic real-time reports that helps businesses keep track of the status of each and every SMS sent by them. It also providers several SMS packages for companies to choose from though the prices might be comparatively higher than the market. In addition, TextLocal provides additional features like vouchers & ticketing, mobile forms & surveys, mobile web page creator, and TextLocal apps.
A relatively older and established company, provides its services all over India. Its products include- Messaging APIs, BOT Builders and Campaign managing. The company was founded by Beerud Sheth, also the founder of Elance. Recently has expanded its services ino chat-bots which have allowed it to further enhance its marketing capabilities and provide customers a higher return.
In 2015, Ubiquity and Indian company Solutions Infini (a leading pioneer in the industry recognized by Deloitte) came together to form an International Its services include BFSI, messages, push notifications, emails, instant messaging and across industries like Banking, Finance, E-commerce, Travel & tourism, Healthcare, Education sector and more. It has strong network connections with over 800 mobile operators which allows it to reach customers immediately and efficiently manage over 20 billion messages along with 600 million calls yearly. Its API is simple, yet very strong- it allows you the flexibility to program in a language of your choice. It is one of the very few companies that offers secure and interactive solutions, especially built for BFSIs.
4. Spring Edge
Its offerings include a wide range of SMS services, 2-way communication and customer loyalty programs. Its highly scalable API and web interface is powered by instant alerts and easily integrates with almost all technological platforms.Their technical support team are available to address sms or voice related queries 24/7.
5. mGage
A US based company, mGage acquired Indian SMS service company- Unicel, in order to extend its reach in the Indian market. It provides several mobile engaging services like Bulk SMS and Campaign Management across several channels like OTT, Push, RCS etc. Unicel and mGage both have a large existing customer base in the banking sector of PAN India, which is highly advantageous. Its in-depth analytics for marketing campaigns separates itself from others in the industry.
6. Digimiles
It’s services comprise of Bulk SMS API, Transactional SMS Service, OTP SMS and Promotional SMS. Digimiles is constantly working towards bringing a positive change in the SMS industry. It is known for its experiences team from who have worked in different industries and provide new ideas on to the table. They are trusted by large companies like Deccan Herald and Vjiaya Bank. Their main expertise lies in providing SMS Application and also provide free promotional trials.
7. Msg91
Started in 2010, Msg91 provides various products including OTP API’s, Transactional & Promotional SMS, and has a special feature called mCampaign that provides its clients extensive data and paves way for customer analytics. It allows clients a chance to use a variety of add-ons like Excel plugin, Google spreadsheets and Email2SMS. They have a robust infrastructure and are able to deliver 50 million SMSs/ day.
8. Kapsystem
Established in 2009 into the field of web development & design, Kapsystem later entered into Bulk SMS services. They offer complete SMS Gateway services like Transactional & Promotional SMS and Telephony Solutions- Voice Call, Missed Call Number and so on. Only recently have they entered the call center solutions segment as well.
9. 2Factor
2Factor is well known for its cloud mobile messaging via REST API calls. They provide clients with SMS Campaigns through enterprise grade API’s, OTP and Voice Call. 2Factor has direct connectivity with Telcos and provides average SMS delivery time of 2-6 seconds. Clients are allowed to pay per delivery- only for OTPs delivered with the first 15 seconds and in the first attempt via primary operator.
10. Wegus Infotech
Wegus provides SMS Solutions, Email Solutions and SEO Services. Wegus is a global digital marketing service provider through SMS and Email solutions. It is a relatively new company founded in 2014 and is yet to establish itself in this industry. However, it is continuously growing and has affordable prices. They have quickly set foot in the industry and have worked with startups, educational institutions and some Blue Chip companies.
Bulk SMS services will help you understand your target audience better and give you the ability to reach them anywhere, at any time. Most of them provide identical services but have different features, level of customer care, prices, infrastructure and technological advancements. This is why it is important to understand what is of priority to your business before making the pick.
Today, People check their phones 90-150 times a day, this guarantees that information sent through messages will reach and be acknowledged by the customer. Through Bulk Messaging services you can automate all communicational processes, reduce operational costs and understand your audience better simultaneously.

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