Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Guide

  • There you go… Tomorrow is your dream job interview. Apart from being excited, you must also be thinking about what could be the possible Digital Marketing interview questions and answers you can revise.

Wonder no more! here we have compiled a list of the must-read interview questions on Digital Marketing, for freshers as well as experienced candidates.

Why should I read this blog?

We’d suggest you read this blog because this blog gives an insight into the following:

  • Knowledge-based Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers which will turn out to be extremely helpful.
  • Commonly expected analytical Digital Marketing Interview Questions
  • Personalized Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Freshers, Digital Marketing Executive, as well as Digital Marketing Manager.

Knowledge-Based Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Listed below are some of the basic Digital Marketing interview questions and answers, an interviewer can ask to check your knowledge about Digital Marketing:

Q1) How will you explain Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital Marketing is about brand marketing tactics through the online mediums. It includes various techniques like SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, link building, etc.

Q2) In what ways can you categorize the term Digital Marketing?

Ans: The term Digital Marketing is categorized into two major segments:

Inbound Marketing

In this technique, one can take help of social media, digital content in terms of e-newsletter, webinars, or e-books to increase the number of clicks on links. This helps them to learn about a company and the product offerings.

Outbound Marketing

This aspect includes reaching out to potential clients via digital platforms, placing ads, emails, and calls.

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Q3) Why is online marketing preferred over offline marketing?

Ans: Most of the people go for Digital Marketing nowadays because of various benefits. The online tools for marketing are SEO, Hosting, and Web Development. The number of leads is extraordinary. One can reach many individuals online and set a worldwide target.

Whereas the number of people who prefer reading newspapers, watching television, etc. is decreasing, comparatively.

Q4) What do you mean by a responsive website?

Ans: Responsive Website may refer to multiple things like a site created using Responsive Web Design (RWD), and a fast website that responds very well to user interactions.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Ans: A website that adjusts its layout as per the viewport size and the orientation of the device. The content presented on big screens and small screens are the same but with a different layout to provide an optimal experience on that screen size.

Q5) What is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website?

Ans: To effectively increase traffic to your website focus on referring links and SEO.  It will not only help one gain visitors but will also help in brand recognition. However, the most important factor is to focus on User Retention.

For instance, getting a Moz link and receiving 10k visitors on the website is quite a good result. Though you must note that the conversion rate will be relatively low. However, the converted leads are certain to land on the website multiple times. But if you focus on retaining users, you will experience an increased conversion rate gained from those thousands of visits in a couple of months. By focusing on engaging the user, you can build a site where people will keep coming back.

Q6) Do you know useful Digital Marketing tools?

Ans: Here are top Digital Marketing Tools:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • RankWatch
  • Moz
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Google Analytics
  • Crazy Egg Heatmaps
  • StumbleUpon
  • Favicon Generator
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • SubmitExpress Link Popularity
  • Digital Point Keyword Tracker

Q7) Do you know the difference between branding and direct marketing?


In branding

An advertiser needs to expose his brand on applications and sites with mass reach. The most popular methods are custom ads, YouTube ads, remarketing, and display ads target.

Indirect marketing

The advertiser is interested in communicating with the target audience. The most common campaigns are dynamic search ads, shopping ads, Search Network Only etc.

Q8) What is Google AdWords Remarketing?

Ans: Google AdWords Remarketing is a targeted marketing strategy which helps marketers to reach people who previously visited their website but didn’t make a purchase. This type of remarketing help in targeting the right people with the right ad.

Q9) What are the limitations of Online Marketing?

Ans: The limitations of Digital Marketing are:

  • The products and services offered and promoted are not tangible, therefore, the customer cannot analyze the product before buying.
  • There is always uncertainty as the authentication and quality of the products and services cannot be confirmed.
  • At times, products seen online may differ from the product delivered to the customer.




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