360 Digital Marketing Services

360 Digital Marketing Services

Reach the all market with integrated digital marketing services
Why is a 360 degree approach in digital marketing the most sought after service today? Your business’s presence must speak exceptionally well in the digital marketing stratosphere – it must show that your customers are constantly updated through RSS feeds, Facebook updates, Twitter feed, LinkedIN network and the like. Your exquisite online platform ensures the longevity of your business.
But how can you achieve this? Simply by setting up channels and sitting back? If your answer is no, you’re going in the right direction. An integrated marketing approach that combines Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (corporate blogging) is our solution. Are you ready to launch your business into the digital revolution?
At Digitaltout, we help you achieve:
Result oriented 360 Degree Strategic Digital Marketing approach.
Optimized advertisements across different online platforms.
Creative positioning of the brand to stand out in the crowd.
Visibility in the Digital Media Industry through exceptional campaigns.
Campaign solutions customized for brands catering different platforms.
We ensure creative proximity with every flow of communication across the web.
Visibility and credibility for your brand across all the channels.
We value your investment’s return.

Google or its Pear?

Google  or its Pear?

Google’s search engine and Bing’s search engine are two different search engines.

When we talk about SEO, Google comes to our mind first. And it makes sense. Google currently has 64.5% of the US’s search market share. Bing having solid SEO strategy needs to be taken into account as well. It serves 21.4% of US internet searchers.

Presently, Bing is growing grabbing the attention of those looking to reach a wider audience and rank higher on search platform.In this case study, you’ll see the similarities & difference between Bing SEO & Google SEO and you can incorporate these into your strategy to make the most of both searches.



Definitely, the most used search engine in the world, Google Search has been around since 1997 and is constantly improving with new smart results, advanced features, and integration with other Google products.


Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, earlier called Windows Live Search and MSN Search.

Bing brands itself as a “decision engine”, targeting to present results with more real-world context than just finding text on a page. Bing also rules Yahoo’s search.


Bing & Google SEO Similarities


All search engines value backlinks. Quality of a backlink profile holds load in both Google and Bing, so it is important to have high-quality links to your website. If trusted sites are linking to your site, your credibility is raised.

#Results for Local Search

Page content and optimization should include keywords based on geographic locations for success in the local results.


#Paid Search

Paid Search works the same in both, but remembers this is only rented space for your website.

#Big Brands Rank Higher

Across all search engines, bigger brands will rank higher automatically. This is a combination of domain authority, high-quality backlinks and the daily visitors to a site.

#SEO Tools

Bing and Google both have a form of webmaster tools, where important search information can be accessed.

Bing & Google SEO Differences

1) Matching Keywords


Google’s algorithm identifies synonyms and context around a keyword. This allows a little liberty and creativity within your content.


Exact keywords are best here.

2) Double-Meaning Search Queries


If there is a keyword phrase with two meanings, the most popular website tends to rank first.


A double meaning search in Bing runs local results first.

3) Flash Content


Google cannot crawl and understand Flash websites.


Understands and crawls Flash websites very well and sometimes gives credit to websites that use it.

4) Meta Keywords


Meta keyword tag isn’t a ranking signal.


Meta descriptions and keywords can (potentially) have a big impact on search ranking.


5) Social Signals


Treats Facebook and Twitter pages like any other indexed pages.


Social signals are a key ranking factor. Search results will show you your Facebook friends’ and Twitter followers’ ratings of different businesses.


Bing and Google, both play a very important role in SEO. If you are ranking well in one search engine, does not mean you are ranking well in others, so cover all of your bases to make sure your SEO strategies include improving for all the top search engines.

Digital Thiru

K.Thiruganansambandan Google certified Digital Marketer, has  Rich Experiance in the Field of Marketing,Good performer in sales operation,he worked in various industries notably in LIC Asia’s Largest insurer.During  his tenor he has achived 6.6CR AAum which was 2% share, earlier it was 0.0001.

He has good working Experiance in a Business school as a Assistant Professor, After looking at the transformation in  Marketing, He is continuously giving seamless  efforts in learning the transformation, as a outcome of that. he was certified  in Google Adwords,  any Registered Entity can now partner with google after  Qualifying  in the google adwords 

He is now pursuing Reseach in Digital Marketing, He has Trained Many students in Digital Marketing, Many of them  Qualified in  google Adwords, moreover merly  a  google Certificate, students  are  skilled, students are able to face the problems faced in running a online campain

Digital Marketing Bubble

Today at every corner we could see more number of peoples are mushrooming, Just by effectively  utlizing  SMM and just by spending few thousands targeting a specfic keyword, with some sugar coted words they are able to win some half baked brains,Definately people who want to know the fundamentals should think from the bottom of pyramid.Mr.k.Thiruganasambandan has wide range of Quality answers for  various emerging trends in the field of marketing and It has worked for many




Google Adword Certification
Sales Achivement Award



Digital Marketing Workshop in Dubai
3 days interactive workshop in Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing & SEO

  •    Basic & Advance Google Adwords Campaign Workshop.
  •    Paid Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Advertising Workshop.
  •    On-Page & Off-Page SEO Workshop to rank your websites high.
  •    Google Analytics to measure the insights & take proper decision
  •    Learn from Google Certified Professionals with 7+ years experience
  •    Interactive Group workshop with questions & answers
  •    Discover case studies, examples, live campaign creation & optimization tips
  •    After successfull completion & assesment – Get Adwords & Facebook       Certification
  •    Improve your career,  job & business prospects.

3 Day Digital Marketing Workshop

( AED 2000/- Per Person )

1. How will this workshop benefit me?
Advance your career & business with digital marketing. The knowledge gained will benefit you in understanding key concepts, which helps to take better marketing decisions. Understand what works and improve performance.
2. Do i get any Certification?
Yes, you will recieve a certificate of completion of the workshop. The training will also provide adequate knowledge of Adwords & Facebook Ads. You will also recieve online study resources. After studying, you need to pass 2 Adwords test online with 80% right answers for certification directly from Google.
3. Why choose Leads Dubai Workshop?
We are a team of certified marketing professionals. You will learn from experienced team with 7 + years of practical campaign optimization knowledge. We have learnt from past mistakes to know what works and what doesnt. Fast track your learning with us.
4. Are there any special offers?
Yes, for 3 days workshop, we have 2 offers. Get AED 500 off on early bird discount if you enroll before 30 th  SEP 2017. Additionally, If you refer anyone, upon their joining, you get additional 10% off the workshop. Talk to us about group bookings on 9655505105-india
5. Who are the Trainers?
We are a team of certified marketing professionals. You will learn from experienced team with 7 + years of practical campaign optimization knowledge.
Mukesh Pandey – Adwords & Analytics
Kanika Lamba – SEO Expert
Kimberly Samuel – Social Media Account Manager
6. What is the mode?
The number of participants per workshop will be 10 -15. This is to ensure that everyone gets optimum attention and a chance to participate in group discussions. As this will be an interactive workshop please bring your laptops or tablets.



We cordially invite you to attend Workshop on Digital Marketing Trends, SEO, and Social Media Marketing!

By expert Technocrat-Director of VF -Forte Ltd,

Entree Fees-300 only

டிஜிட்டல் மார்க்கெட்டிங்/SEO  /சோசியல் மீடியா மார்க்கெட்டிங் / பற்றிய செயல்முறை வகுப்புகள் அறிமுக சலுகை கட்டணம் –300  ரூபாய்!

ஏராளமா வேலை வாய்ப்புகள், புதிய தொழில் வாய்ப்புகளை பெற டிஜிட்டல் மார்க்கெட்டிங் தொழில் நுட்பம்.மற்றும் சையல்முறை வகுப்புகள்! COURSE FEE JUST-4000 மேலும் விபரங்களுக்கு -7305777703





Marks are coming from Asia and the Pacific: there are more tan 943 millions of mobile users. In some cities as Hong Kong or Singapore the penetration rate reaches over 89% while in USA this percentage is about 60%.
Most of the citizens confess starting to use their mobiles, early in the morning, just after waking up, mainly to look up their social networks. After this, they use their mobile devices around 3 hours a day just for leisure.
As a consequence, last Christmas, according to Microsoft inquiry, mobile devices were the most desirable presents for people who live in these geographic zone. After having smartphones and laptops, 35% of the population was asking for a tablet.
The weird fact is that multiscreening rate is significantly lower in Asia. Only Japanese people is around the media, 63%, but China, Singapore or India even the higher penetration of mobile devices just have around 58% of multiscreening.
But… why is all this information relevant?
The answer is simple for businesses: It helps to increase online shopping.
According to a study made by SAP, 69% of Asians have admitted purchasing at least once in their life, while 52% has made bank transfers. But these rates will be even higher if online security was better.
Nevertheless brands and businesses don’t invest all they should in mobile marketing or marketing strategies; furthermore more than 50% of the businesses don’t include this strategy in their marketing plans, which for sure, would attract more online purchases for them. As they know this fact, enterprises are working on promoting these sales channels, and budgets will grow in the close future.
However companies in order to promote or launch their products invest much more than the world average (17% vs. 2%) in spite of the fact they don’t expect purchases directly related with their efforts.  Also unlike to the marketing experts in the world, they are not really concerned about attracting web traffic is more important for them to maintain or try to achieve a well-known brand.
We think, that marketing departments in these countries should combine both ways: mobile marketing, based on the high rates we have written about, and product promotion strategies in order to be more effective and take advantage of their resources.

Tags: mobile commerce, mobile devices, Mobile Marketing Strategies, Mobile shopping
With internet and globalisation the time for blog-writing has come. As you may know, blogs are websites where people share their opinions or information. Many people use their blogs just to share their opinion but there are also those who really intend to earn serious money. And lots of them manage to do it. I know, you might be asking yourself: But how can you make money by writing a blog if you don’t have to pay or be a member to enter it?
Well, the first thing you have to think of before starting to write a blog isn’t how much money you’re going to earn (even if you are aiming at big bucks).
It is very rare for a new blog to get famous or really popular at the very beginning. In fact, it usually takes at least two or three years for blogs to get their own traffic of readers, and even when they do, it still doesn’t mean they’re going to earn much money, and we must bear in mind that most blogs don’t make any money at all and those that make big bucks aren’t the norm among those that do make money because most make pocket money.
Okay, so how do I earn money with my blog?

Well, once your blog has a number of readers one of the most popular ways to earn money is by selling ad space on your blog. This is called Banner advertising. How does it work? Google’s Ad Sense, or Blog ads allow you to find and advertise ads related to your blog and pays you according to how many people click on the ad link for more information. This kind of service is very good because it’s for free (so you don’t lose money even if nobody clicks on the links).
Another way to earn money is to Affiliate Sales. It consists in turning your blog into a kind of intermediary page between readers and online sites that offer goods and services (like for exampleAmazon.com…). How can this help your blog’s income? Every time you mention a book, film or anything that’s sold on Amazon or other similar websites you link it to these websites, and if the person who has clicked on the link buys a product from that page you earn a percentage of what they’ve paid.
You can also solicit contributions from your readers, so that if they are regular readers and want to make a small contribution they can do so by means of
Two more ways I can think of are probably less effective, but they can help you on the long run. You can either use your posts to show what skills you have(in case they are of interest to possible employers, larger blogs…) or you can try to make your blog a more “open” place so that you interact more with your clients and learn about them if you have a product to sell.
Another way to make money with your blog is by creating a membership area that can only be accessed by paying members or by Private Advertising or Affiliating Commissions.
Does your blog have a mobile version?
New times means finding new (better) ways to do the same things, and we have reached a point where we’ve improved and modernised ourselves so much that nowadays people can read news, check the weather forecast or read their favourite blog articles on the metro, on the street or in a cafeteria thanks to their mobile phone. That’s why it’s convenient for your blog to have a mobile version. Onbile templates allow you to create the mobile version of your blog. It’s an easy way to allow your readers to read your articles with their mobile devices no matter where they are.

Tags: Affiliate Sales, amazon, blog-writing, selling ad space, solicit contributions, traffic of readers,websites

Affilate Marketing?

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So you have heard about Affiliate Marketing before and wondered how (and how much probably) can you earn from it, all from the comforts of your home? It looks shiny from the outside but trust me, it is as easy as slicing a cake.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
when an affiliate  brings leads/sales to a product owner/company website.
It is a process of earning commission by promoting other people’s / company’s products.
In simpler terms –
For every sale that is made because of you within your audience, you earn a profit commission from the product owner.Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.
Lets understand these four core players better:
The one who owns the product / the creator of the product. The product can be anything ranging from SaaS applications to physical products (like shoes), it can also be a digital product (like ebooks). So basically, a merchant is someone who is selling a product online. In order to increase his sales online, a merchant is most likely open to get affiliates on his website.
The one who takes up the product links from the merchant and promotes it within his own audience to send traffic to the merchant’s property (website). He uses different Digital Marketing campaigns and tactics to sell more of the merchant’s product and earns commission for doing the same.
A platform or a place where both Merchants and Affiliates co exist, Merchants sign up to list their products in the affiliate program, and Affiliates sign up to find the products they like and enroll in the affiliate program. This network (platform) also settles the payments between merchants and the affiliates in a structured manner.
The one who makes the purchase on the merchant’s property (website) and completes a sale. This is the end customer who doesn’t know the relationship between an affiliate and merchant in most of the cases (though it is recommended for affiliates to disclose that they are promoting).
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
Let’s say you have a website. You are driving traffic from various sources like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Organic Traffic because of branding, and there could be many other sources like social media marketing, community engagement, etc.

Now there will be a time when you will exhaust the sources to gain more traffic or sales on your websites. More often than not, a digital marketer alone cannot drive all the possible sources of traffic to the website.
This could be due to:
Running out of marketing campaign ideas.Exhausting different traffic sources to source from.In this case, what should you do? This is when companies/websites rely on Affiliates to outsource more traffic. You could do revenue sharing with others who have traffic with them and benefit out of that. Now how will you do that?

Usually the format for affiliate links looks like this:
www.website.com?affiliate=1 (for say Affiliate #1) and www.website.com?affiliate=2 (for Affiliate #2).The part after “?” in the URL is called tagging the URL so that the website owner can understand which Affiliate sends him the traffic/sale. Based on this knowledge, the website owner will give commission to the respective affiliate.
Now lets see an example:

Affiliate 1 and Affiliate 2 both sends traffic to the website www.website.com but the sale was made through Affiliate 1.
The website owner comes to know about this through the link with tag www.website.com?affiliate=1.
So, the affiliate commission is sent to Affiliate 1 because his traffic converted into a sale. It’s that simple.

Note that in most cases, Affiliate programs are not based on earnings per click. It is based on earnings per Lead or a Sale.You will get a clearer idea when I show you the affiliate programs.How to become an Affiliate? (Affiliate Networks and Programs)There are four different ways to become an affiliate and start earning from them on a regular basis.
1. Look for Affiliate Links in Homepages
In many SaaS company websites or Product company websites, within the homepage (mostly in footer or Top Navigation Bar in some cases), find the link saying affiliate and click on it to learn more about their internal affiliate program. When you know the products you want to promote, this method makes more sense.
2. Join Affiliate Networks (Commission Junction, Impact Radius, etc)
Affiliate Networks are those platforms who have a lot of merchants and affiliates both registered with them. I have personally had better success with Affiliate Networks because their process is better than individual programs. Within Network, it is easy to manage the affiliate program than have individual affiliate accounts because in affiliate networks, all your payments are consolidated according to different commissions from different merchants.
3. Apply to become an affiliate with companies (some have hidden programs)
Some companies have a hidden affiliate program which they do not reveal on their website. But are open to new and qualified affiliates – because who does not want an increased revenue in the end? In this case, just send them an email inquiring about the affiliate program and if not in place, would they be interested to have one in place with you. Opportunities are endless here.
4. Have a well known blog and let people reach out to you (my personal method)
Since Digitaltout  has become a well known brand among Digital Marketers, a lot of affiliate program owners reach out to me to ask if I can promote their product on my website. This helps me select the right products to promote as an affiliate and saves me time from reaching out to various other websites. Again,
TOP Affiliate Networks where you can earn from

There are a lot of networks available online these days but I suggest these networks to be the best 5:
Commission junction (CJ)
Amazon Associates
Impact Radius
If you want an India-specific affiliate network, vCommision is a good affiliate network.There are a lot of affiliate networks that you can search on google and find. When you have narrowed down your list of affiliate networks, go ahead and sign up and complete the process of on-boarding with them including payment info and basic details. Once you get started, you will start seeing your affiliate commissions grow as your audience starts making sales.
There are a few technical documentations required to get paid in your bank account.You have to submit a form called W8 BEN Form (so that you can receive money from US to your Indian bank account and comply with tax regulations. All this you will be able to figure out once you sign up for these affiliate programs.
Some Inspiration
Passive income is the best. Every morning when you wake up, you want to see how much you are making passively with just a little effort online.
I am not boasting but I am going to share my real screenshots with you to actually show you the commissions I made using Affiliate in different affiliate programs so that it inspires you to start earning your own commissions.
How I made $2,128 USD (1.37 Lakhs INR) in April 2017 from Commission Junction (CJ)
I have been advertising a few products on CJ and the results have been really decent. Just to add here, I really love CJ’s dashboard. I can just click on Advertisers in the top navigation and get a list of products I am promoting.
Clicking on Links gives me a list of links I created and I can create more links there. Anyway, this should be a part of another blog post where I tell you how CJ functions for affiliate marketing.
For this post, let me just click on Reports and show you the numbers:

As you can see, the payments issued to me for the last month was $2,128 which has come to my bank account. Also, there is $3058.70 more as balance amount which I will get in next settlement.
Here is the screenshot of amount I received from CJ:

You can see how CJ pays directly to Indian Bank account. This is about it for CJ.
How I made more commissions from Impact Radius and Amazon Associates
Let me show you my Impact Radius Account now:

I am relatively new to Impact Radius and yet to get my affiliate balances, but you can see I have made Rs. 211,174 from Impact Radius alone by promoting advertisers there.
Let me now take you inside my Amazon associates account:

I am not really active on Amazon associates but I have definitely put some links in a few blog posts here and there to earn a little amount from Amazon associates (Amazon’s affiliate program).
As you can see in the screenshot, I have earned Rs. 899 last month from Amazon associates India. This is not really good but better than nothing at least. Back in 2010-2011, I was earning close to $12K-13K from Amazon Associates Global as you can see in the screenshot below:

So, you can see how there lies a huge potential in earning commissions from affiliate programs – not just in India but globally.Internal Affiliate Program: How a review of Drip led to $400+ in affiliate commissions.

1. Look for the top affiliate programs and networks and join them
This requires a process of Signing up and adhering to some technical policies by uploading some forms. The approval process might be tricky and will be based on how good your online record is. If you are a well known blogger, this will be a piece of cake. Make sure you are being compliant to all the steps required in the signing up process by the network.
2. Start a niche website to get approvals in place (email a request for approval)
Most of the times affiliate networks do not give approval because of a lot of fraudulent activities happening these days. People try to sign up using their own affiliate links and sometimes send fraudulent orders as well. So, to get approval, you need to have a good reputation and following.Otherwise you can email them explaining How are you going to promote their products, and What are the channels you are going to use to promote, etc.This will make them gain trust in you and your approval will be easy.It is better to have a niche website (like I have digitaldeepak.com) and show them the funnel for your website to get approval easily.
3. Make your first sale!
After you are approved for a few affiliate programs, go ahead and use all the Digital Marketing efforts to promote your links.
You can learn about Digital Marketing Basics in my free course.
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing
Over Selling: Too much promotion is a bummer, it distracts and irritates your audience. You should rather help people with useful products that is relevant to them and let them buy as per their need.
Sugar Coating: Don’t sugar coat around the product too much – be genuine about the products you are promoting. If your customer do not find the product useful as described by you, you can lose your own audience. So, be aware of the words you use.
Too many Products: Avoid selling too many products – choose only those products that will be relevant to your target audience. It takes time to set up a regularly paying affiliate system for yourself but it is fruitful when started small.
No Product Comparisons and Reviews: Make use of your promotion space by including comparison between 2-3 other similar products also in your reviews/promotions. Coming out with product reviews and comparisons and updating them with time will make sense for your audience and will make them buy more of those products from your affiliate link.
No Testing and Tracking of Links: Not testing the flow of your promotions is a bad idea. You don’t want a broken flow. Also, never miss out on tracking your affiliate links. It is easy to get separate affiliate links for different pages (or different channels), this will help you in knowing which channel is working the best for you.
Now that you know all about Affiliate Marketing, why wait? Go ahead and try it. Let me know how it works out for you. In case you shall need any help, 


How to Make Money With Google AdSense on your sites?

How to Make Money With Google AdSense on your sites?

There are many recipes to really make good money from advertising Google AdSense and not good to talk about if we have no experience so if you have or think monetize your blog with it, you should read these tips to ensure that your venture is profitable.

Many people find it easy to find profitable niches and uncompleted (it’s the best we can do), but not everyone knows focus their efforts on what really given good results. That said, the first thing you have to do is identify those niches where we can position well on many search keywords and pay per click which is good, say more than 50 cents!

Recommendations To Earn More With AdSense Advertising

I present 10 recommendations to monetize very well with your blog with Google AdSense, but if we approach it in another way, it can also be the retaliate 10 errors that can be committed or that in the future could make if you do not follow the advice in this guide !

What are those good recommendations ?. Then I leave the top 10 guidelines for your blog to be profitable with this advertising:

1- The best location for your ads

Nobody doubts that make a good location of the blocks or boxes of ads is vital to generate good income with this advertising or otherwise. A good tip is to place Adsense in the most visible places of your web site, this way we ensure more clicks, and talking about it, the best areas to place these ads are:

A) – The head.

B) – The upper area of ​​your Sidebar.

C) – The upper left area of ​​your publication and if it is a format that fills all the better.

D) – Within the content. Many bloggers and users do not like them, but worth it.

2- Post regularly on your blog

If you want strong position your Site and create a community of readers willing to support your project, you must not only publish relevant content and very good quality, but it must do so on a regular basis. In short we can tell you the following:

Organic traffic from Google and other search engines + a good community of readers Visits = = = Good Ad Clicks earned money with Google Adsense on your blog.

3- Write consistently

Make sure your publications are understandable, they try these on a specific topic and that is easily identifiable. The reason is obvious: Google Adsense uses a robot that scans your page, thus determining which ads to show. If the Google AdSense robot will get confused and can not clearly identify what the page is, you can not actually show relevant ads.

4- Create good headlines

Your headlines should include keywords from the article. These keywords also greatly influence the analysis that make the robots Adsense contextual ads to display on your page. Identifies keywords well paid, that you can do using the Google AdWords tool.

5- Always show alternate ads

You not always have the same demand for ads, so it’s possible that at some point Google has no relevant ads to show or for some reason can not analyze well your page to display ads related. It is a guarantee to always display advertising on your site, if not relevant as to generate clicks, it will be to give you a few cents per print.

6- Never Clicking on your own ads

AdSense is very careful of the interests of advertisers and do not allow any kind of fraud, we know that it is very common for new bloggers to monetize this advertising are eager to see money in their accounts, but avoid accidental clicks up to not losing your mind.

7- Never violate the rules of AdSense

Not only is the famous song by clicking on your own ads, but also there are other rules you must follow so we suggest do what almost no one does: read the terms of use and all the information and guidance that offers Google Adsense.

Google Adsense, like any other company, has its rules. If you violate any of them, let me tell you run the risk of losing all your income accumulated so far, but more than that, that your account is disabled, and be marked on the black list of AdSense for life.

8- Do not try to Highlight your ads

Many bloggers to monetize with AdSense make the mistake of highlighting their ads, but is proven by studies, that advertising works best when viewed so that it fits with the content and design of the Blog. If you fit the web, visitors will clik with greater confidence as may think they are part of the content.

9. Remember to measure the performance of your ads

This advertising allows you to set your own criteria for monitoring. The monitoring criteria allow you to measure the performance of each ad or special page of this form to view your balance, you will have the information on how much money generated each specific ad or each format.

10- Generate good traffic or visits to your blog

We know that without traffic no clicks and not earn money with this or any advertisement that you put on your blog. Here are some tips for a good number of visitors on your pages:

A) – Being consistent is your publications: No matter if your blog is on a micronicho, where we always have to grow and a number of publications in your blog and shared on your social markers are good source of traffic. Important to note contents that are interesting and a lot of people are searching the Internet.

B) – Optimize your blog SEO par. We do not mean you have to become an SEO , but at least, must know and apply the basics of SEO to get traffic and user experience sufficient to be able to have a really profitable blog with AdSense.

A good tip (for those who know little about SEO), is to learn as much as possible of the experts and never, but never, implement a practice penalized by Google. At this point it is important to understand that your position should be or at least, should be natural.

C) – Promote your site in different social networks. They are very good Google+ and Facebook, but there are hundreds of social networks in which you do not get much traffic to your website, but if a link quality and although from Google say they do not help the search engine optimization, the truth is that all experiments They say yes!

Remember that with a little knowledge and some work you can get your business online with a blog, this project will be profitable if you can be able to do things well and with Google AdSense have a golden opportunity.

for free updates please fill the below 

. First and foremost – read carefully before registration rules for participation in the Google AdSense (even better than 2-fold). Memorize them and never break. For violation of the rules of the administration of the program has the right to ban your account forever. So if in doubt about something – better once again look at the rules.
2. Note the link unit. It consists of a block of a given size to sponsored links. These links are similar in theme to your website, so should cause interest of visitors. If you correctly place a block on the page (you can place no more than 1 unit per 1 page), it is sure to bring you additional income.

3. In no case can not click on your own ads and asking friends to do it. These actions are prohibited by the rules of the program.AdSense has the tools to fix such actions. This may lead at least to the fact that these clicks will not be counted, and a maximum (in the case of repeated violations) to close the account without payment of earned and without the right of recovery.

4. It is forbidden to call to click on the ads, you have to use labels such as “Click here!” “Everyone clicked – gift”, etc., as well as various graphic elements whose aim is to attract the attention of visitors to the ads: pointers and arrows etc.

5. Account registering for one site, you can use it to host an unlimited number of ads on its own sites. And those other sites moderators AdSense will not be viewed. You will simply generate the code and paste it on your other sites. The code for all sites overall.

6. Use custom URL-channels and to create code for your AdSense. Channels allow you to track which pages ads more often, and how visitors click through the channels more.

7. Place the different versions of AdSense ad units on the page (horizontal, vertical, square) and compare the results. Over time, you can define what options blocks have the highest click through to the site. Hence, the increase in profits.

8. On the same page can be placed not more than 3 ad units.

9. In order to increase profits, try to increase traffic to your site. Because the number of moves will directly depend on the number of visitors to your site. Well, the more clicks the more you can earn.

10. Do not select the ads Google AdSense or the scope or the background color (this is configurable in your account when you generate the code for the ads). Let them look like part of your site and not the ad unit. Then, your users will click on the ads, because quite a few annoying hype.

11. At present, the only way of getting money from AdSense for inhabitants of the CIS is a check once a month which is sent to the address that was provided during registration. A check will be sent only to those who earned $ 100 a month (or more). Otherwise, the amount collected and transferred to the next month). The check can be cashed at any major bank (in this case you will be charged a commission, and will have to wait 1 to 3 months). This operation is called a collection. However, AdSense is testing a new, more convenient ways to pay and in the near future they will be available to all residents of the CIS. And there are convenient online services. Search taxis 🙂

12. For best results, we recommend you to experiment and compare the results. So you can achieve greater profits to 40%.

ways to Improve your facebook ads works better

Ways to make your Facebook Ads perform better


Without increasing the ad spends improving the performance of your Facebook ad is no less than a challenge. Setting up an ad campaign that performs well is must for generating more .

In this article, we will take a look on the ways to .

#1 Finding the best and worst times to advertise

You need to make sure that your ads are being served at the right time of the day when people are probably to take the action you want them to take. lets you schedule your ads to show at specific times. You can log in to your ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ and see which days and times are bringing the best results and make changes to your ad campaign accordingly.

dsim image

#2 Check your campaign’s ad frequency

Frequency of an ad is the average number of times that your ad is being served to a person. Studies have shown when the same ad is served to a person the cost-per-click increases by 49%. But, if an ad is shown too many times, then it can damage your brand’s presence. So, it’s necessary to keep a check on your ad frequency.

You can check your ad frequency by following these steps.

  • Open ‘Facebook Ads Manager’
  • Click on Campaign
  • Click on the Reporting Section
  • And, then from Columns select ‘Delivery’

dsim image

#3 Ad should send the ‘clickers’ to a specific landing page

When a user clicks on your ad, he or she should be directed to specified rather than a promotional or website’s homepage.  If you want the user to go through your ad, then you must expand their interest in your brand with the help of a specific landing page. With the help of this, you can take the consumer where you want them to take an action. And, landing pages that are optimized for the running ads bring the highest number of conversions.

dsim image#4 Keep Updating your Ad visuals

If you want that people should notice your ad, then you must make changes to your ad visuals. Changing the text on the ad is never enough unless and until you make it such that people notice it. To attract user attention you can run carousel ads instead of running single-image ads.

With the help of you can get a better overview which images are performing well and you can update the visuals accordingly. If you want your Facebook users to remain associated with your brand, then you should regularly update your ad visuals.

#5 Remove Past Converters from your custom audience

If you want to improve your Facebook ad performance, then you must exclude the ones who have already clicked on your ad and converted. Your efforts are going in vain if you are again reaching the people who have already converted.

You can easily exclude your past converters by following these steps.

  • Open Facebook Ads Manager
  • Create a Custom Audience which include all the past converters
  • Edit all the ad sets
  • And, exclude the Custom Audience you have created

dsim image

#6 Choose the Best Ad Placement

When you create your ads to run on Facebook, you can choose where you want to run your ads across different placements. You must choose the ad placements which work well for your brand. You can go to the Facebook Ads Manager’s campaign view to know which placements have delivered the best results. And, you can choose your ad placement as per your campaign goals.

dsim image

Ultimately, even the small changes you make to improve your ads can make a big impact on your Facebook

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