Social Media Marketing Course For Free


Social Media Marketing Course For Free

Dear DigitalMarketer/Entrepreneur, You know social media is powerful and almost essential for any business. You want to build your brand or create brand awareness You want to spread your content You want to engage with your customers and prospects You want to generate leads and sales You’re doing everything you know or things you picked up from the blogs and guides. You’ve created a page. You’re posting updates regularly. But, your results aren’t that great. Your fans or followers are not growing as you want. Your posts are not getting the engagement as you expect You are not getting likes or comments or shares as you wish. And your lead generation and sales is almost nil from social media. You feel like you’ve hit a brick wall. It’s like all the efforts you put are going waste… You’re wondering what to do next… Then you hunt for the next tactic or idea that’ll solve all your social media problems… This becomes a vicious cycle. Well, you’re not alone. When I started my page, it took a while to get to the 1000 fans. And there were days when no one signed up to my list. I used to jump from one tactic to another tactic, just like you. Then I wondered… How others are getting thousands of fans, hundreds of likes, and comments for each post – even for the dumbest ones. I set out to learn the secret of their social media stardom. I followed them, stalked them, and learned what they were doing that I wasn’t doing were. I started applying them to my social media campaign…. And my fortunes started changing. My fan base started growing quicker… My posts started getting better engagement – likes, comments, and shares. I don’t have to wonder what to do next… I knew exactly what should I post or how to get people respond to my posts. People started to recognize me as an expert in digital marketing. I started getting invitations to speak in events and webinars. Publications asked my opinion on the subject matter. I was able to publish on popular media outlets like, etc. My list started growing fast. When I launched my first course, I was able to sell it to 100s of people without a proper landing page. All of these wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t crack the social media marketing code. But, remember… It didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of trials and errors… I spent close to few thousand hours before I could get it right…working every time. And today, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned all these years… Now, you can also follow the same process and achieve the same results… All you need is my… Become A Social Media Rockstar with Social Media Marketing Mastery And Get More Fans, Followers, Engagement, Traffic, & Sales SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY

✅ Social Media reporting template – you don’t need to break your head every month on what to report and what not. You’ll get an editable and customizable template.

All you need is fill in the data, and your report is ready to impress your boss or clients.

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✅ Social Media audit checklist – simple and powerful checklist to perform social media audits for your business, competitors, and clients. You’ll easily identify what works and what doesn’t without spending tens of hours.

✅ High converting social media landing page examples and walkthrough – you’ll get several high converting social media landing page examples and a dissection of why they work so that you can use those learnings to build your super converting landing pages for your social media campaigns. As you complete the course… You’ll master how to

➡ Properly build a brand for yourself and your business

Attract new friends, fans, followers, leads, and clients on social media

Expand your brand reach on social media without spamming or annoying your audience ➡ Develop meaningful relationships with your audience

➡ Turn your fans and followers into leads without driving them crazy

Publish content that actually excites and entice your fans How much Social Media Marketing Mastery cost? That’s the big question, right? Well, the short answer is much less than any of the social media marketing courses out there. Before answering the question, let me ask you this…

➡ What if you could land three additional clients worth 10K each per month by building a better brand following the course (of course, you need to apply the learnings and do the work)

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➡ What if you could make x number of more sales that gives you 10x of your investment (course cost) every month

➡ What if you could double your salary because now you are producing results that wow your boss And what if you can do them without spending additional hours… …and even better you’ll be spending fewer hours than before because you’ll be operating more efficient than before… And you can learn it all without needing to leave your home…at your convenient time and pace… What if all this can be yours for just ₹1999 TODAY! Yes…. The Social Media Marketing Mastery Course will not cost you ₹10000 Not even ₹5000 But ONLY ₹1,999 IF you JOIN Today Frequently Asked Questions… How is the course delivered? The course is delivered online in video format that can be consumed from anywhere in the world. You’ll get access to the course portal once the course commences. What’s the course duration? The course contains more than 5 hours of training videos. You get instant access to all the videos in the course. And the course is constantly updated with new videos. Will it help me to grow my sales? Yes, Social Media marketing done right, will help you increase sales of your products.

Social Marketing Mastery is a bit advanced and it is good to learn Social Media marketing because it is a central piece in scaling revenue for a business. Do I get certified? Yes. You’ll get a certificate of completion once you complete the course. Social Media Marketing Mastery Course A Complete, Comprehensive, & Practical Course on Social Media Marketing. You may ask… What makes this course different from the few others out there? Why should you choose this?

✅ This is not some theory based course talking about the history of social media and other boilerplate content that you can find online.

✅ This is kind of living course in the sense it evolves with time. Whenever there is a significant change in the social media arena, you’ll get an update on it.

✅ And this course will not cost you a fortune like others. It’ll cost you significantly less compared to the others but gives you better content than them. What you get when you join my Social Media Marketing Mastery Course: ➡ A complete walkthrough on building a social media strategy that’ll guarantee you success – Most of the businesses fail at social media because they don’t have a strategy. They keep switching from one tactic to another without having a test and measurement framework. You will be able to create a framework that aligns with your business goals and delivers them.

➡ How to choose the right social media platform for your business – The second reason for businesses failing at social media is, they try to be everywhere. You don’t have to be on social media platforms. You need to focus on the platforms where your target audience spends their most of the time. You’ll learn how to identify and choose the social media platform where your audience hangs out.

➡ How to get started and the biggest mistakes that you can avoid – This is where most of the social media campaigns get stuck or lost. You’ll learn how to get started on all the top social media platforms and the mistakes you need to avoid that could hurt your growth.

➡ 10 social media metrics you must measure regardless of the platform of your choice that is essential to your success.

➡ 9 must have social media tools that’ll make your life easier and get you the best out of your social media efforts without needing to burn the midnight oil. It also lists my favorite social media tool.

➡ 8 content formats are working on different social media channels and the right ones to choose. There is no ‘fit for all’ content formula in social media. Every channel has its preferred content format, and you’ll learn them all. Knowing the right format of the content is the key to success.

➡ 7 essential social media marketing KPIs that’ll guide your social media campaign and how to measure them. You don’t have to keep track of metrics or KPIs that doesn’t matter.

➡ 6 creative ways you can use to engage your audience and get more likes, comments, shares, retweets, leads, and sales.

➡ 5 social media analytics tools every social media marketer should use and how to use them. If you don’t know how your content is performing or what your audience likes or which time is good for which content format, you’ll be fighting in the dark. These 5 analytics tools will help you to do better.

➡ 4 methods to grow your audience base on any social channel. Audiences are the foundation of your social media success, and these 4 methods will help you grow them quicker than ever.

➡ How to integrate social channels with Google Analytics and how to refine your social marketing strategy using analytics…

➡ How to use social media listening to beat your competitors and serve your audience best. You’ll learn the strategies to apply, tools to use, and the process to implement.

➡ How and when to automate your social media marketing. Doing it right is the key difference between success and failure. You’ll learn what to do and what not to do with social media marketing automation.

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Social Media Marketing Course For Free/Social Media Marketing Course For FreeSocial Media Marketing Course For FreeSocial Media Marketing Course For FreeSocial Media Marketing Course For FreeSocial Media Marketing Course For Free/Social Media Marketing Course For Free
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