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Search Engine Marketing

Providing the latest in online marketing strategies to grow awareness of your business online. Services include website optimisation, search marketing, display advertising, social media support and email marketing. All carefully tracked, measured and analysed to ensure your business is benefiting.
 DigitalTout will offer an extensive range of digital design services to meet all your requirements.
Our team of experts will simplify the process for you, making it a jargon free experience and ensuring you create the best face for your business online.
Website Development
Using your business objectives along with our development and programming expertise, we can bring a whole new dimension to your business.  have been successfully involved in SEO for many years. Our Search Optimisation (SEO) services are varied and extensive with the objective of always achieving maximum visibility for our clients’ online content in the SERP’s (search engine results pages).
Our Commitment based team always work by the rules as set out by the search engines thus ensuring long lasting rankings that reflect on the quality of your content. Our clients currently market their products or services in up to 10 languages using 4 alphabets, targeting markets right around the globe.
• Keyword/keyphrase research for your target market
• Improve your online architecture so that its SEO friendly
• External/internal link appraisals
• Building contextual links
• Performance reporting
• International and Multilingual SEO
Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) benefits to our clients:
• Improved search engine ranking for targeted keyword search phrases
• Improved targeted traffic for your products and/or services
• ROI is easy to measure
• Improved online visibility for your company
Search Marketing Audit
In today’s world search engines are a primary source of information for millions of people. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (formerly MSN) are often the first port of call for people looking for information. If your business website is not appearing prominently for searches for your product or service then you are missing a huge opportunity… that’s where we can help!
Why is this important? Consider, in an offline context, what it would be like if no one could find your place of business, that is what it is like today if your website cannot be found in search engines. Potentially valuable customers never even know you are there. It is not enough to be found for your business name as that only captures searchers that already know where you are.
The first step to being found in search engines is to know where you stand today.
We offer two audits that can help you establish the search engine strength of your website:
1. Search Engine Optimisation Audit
Our SEO experts will provide you with a thorough review of your website:
• Assess how friendly your website is for search engine indexation
• Inspect the technical architecture of your website
• Identify targeted keywords for your niche
• Analyse the ability of your website to target these keywords
• Evaluate current ranking of your website
• Provide a detailed report outlining our findings
2. Advanced Search Marketing Audit from – €1800
In addition to the basic audit above, we will do an advanced audit incorporating:
• Installation and 2 months monitoring of web analytics
• Detailed analysis of structural internal link architecture
• Qualitative inlink analysis
• Pay-Per-Click analysis and recommendations (including management for 2 months)
• Development of an in-depth search marketing strategy
Granite Consulting are one of Ireland’s leading digital marketing agencies, with a proven record for delivering results and new business for our clients through search engine marketing.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a form of online marketing that seeks to promote online content by increasing its visibility in search engine results.
Search Engine Marketing encompasses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, video and email marketing.
Search Engine Marketing(SEM) services we offer:
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Pay Per Click advertising
• Keyword/keyphrase research for your target market
• Link building
• Email marketing campaigns
• Website analytics configuration and reporting
Search Engine Marketing(SEM) benefits to our Clients:
• Improved search engine ranking for targeted keywords
• Professionally managed PPC campaigns
• Increased backlinks to increase website ranking and authority
• Improved targeted traffic for your services
• Return on investment (ROI) is easy to measure
• Improved online visibility for your company
• Understand your visitors through website analytics
 Digitaltout are at the cutting edge of online marketing, employing the latest techniques and technologies to build awareness of your brand, product or service online. Many businesses or other organisations have invested in high quality, attractive websites that get little or no return.
At  Digitaltout we will build and implement a strategy to leverage your website investment and add to your business through online awareness.
Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay the publisher on a “cost per click-through” basis. Led by Google AdWords, it is the primary advertising model on search engines and their advertising networks. For most pay per click publishers, advertisers bid in an auction-style system to have their ads displayed based on certain key words or phrases that are relevant to their target market. Publishers will display an ad either when a search keyword matches the advertiser’s keyword list, or when a content page displays content relevant to the keyword list. Most publishers differentiate between these paid links and natural content links by calling them sponsored links/ads.
Pay Per Click Management
While anyone can technically setup and manage their own Pay Per Click campaign on a search engine such as Google, it is very difficult to achieve the optimal return for that investment without employing the expertise of an expert that has years of experience in driving both impact and efficiency in your campaign. Our expert knowledge will ensure you achieve the optimum return for your online advertising investment.
How much does it cost?
Due to the bid-based model, the cost per click can vary significantly based on the level of competition for a particular keyword and the potential return in a particular industry. The critical element of any successful campaign is understanding the return that you can get for particular keywords.
Free Audit
If you are already using search engine advertising without the help of a professional, you may be wasting your budget. You can find out at no cost! We will do a free, no obligation audit of your account and recommend how you can drive greater efficiency from your budget. If you do not currently use search engine advertising, why not contact us and we will do a no obligation assessment of the potential benefits for your business.
44% of consumers made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email they received.
Email Marketing
Traditional mail can be costly and time consuming. It can also slow lead times and is difficult to measure. With Email Marketing you can interact with your customers in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way. It also provides effective delivery and measurability. Although we will run your Email Marketing campaign for you, you will retain control as it is permission based.
There are two main types of Email marketing
1. Direct Mail
Direct email involves sending a promotional message in the form of an email. For example, a special offer announcement.
2. Retention email/ e-newsletters
Retention emails usually take the form of regular emails known as newsletters. A newsletter may carry promotional messages or advertisements, but its main aim is to develop a long-term impact and relationship with the receiver.
• Cost effective way of communicating with       your target audience
• Increased sales
• Email lets you deliver your message directly to people – unlike a website where you need the people to come to you
• Gain new customers
• Retain customers
• Stay in touch with your customers
• Segmentation by sending emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria
• Contact customers regarding your latest offers and news
• Introduce new products/services
• Reinforce your brand
• Results are trackable
• Environmentally friendly
• Inside knowledge and feedback
We can tailor an email newsletter service to suit your needs. We can design, personalise and implement your email newsletter campaign.
Our service includes:
• All content will be agreed with you before sending
• Design can be personalised
• Personalisation of each email
• We have the latest software to successful implement your campaign
• Subject line testing
• Detailed feedback and analysis on your campaign
• Customer behaviour analysis
• An unrivalled customer service
• Customised service specific to your requirements
“B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t blog”
A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites. Blogging is useful for marketing and in particular search engine optimisation. There are plenty of other benefits to blogging and these include:
• It is a powerful tool for real-time discussion
• Generates backlinks
• Boosts traffic
• Low cost marketing device
• Personalised/bespoke
• Manage your online reputation
• It keeps you ahead of your competition
• It is an excellent social media marketing device
• Helps with search engine marketing
• Direct communication
• Media and public relations
• Low cost
We can create a customised blog design for you as well as assist with content. We will also:
• Customised design
• Personalised content
• Used in conjunction with SEO/SEM
• An unrivalled customer service
• Customised service specific to your requirements are one of Ireland’s leading digital marketing agencies, with a proven record for delivering results and new business for our clients through search engine marketing
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