Digital Thiru

K.Thiruganansambandan Google certified Digital Marketer, has  Rich Experiance in the Field of Marketing,Good performer in sales operation,he worked in various industries notably in LIC Asia’s Largest insurer.During  his tenor he has achived 6.6CR AAum which was 2% share, earlier it was 0.0001.

He has good working Experiance in a Business school as a Assistant Professor, After looking at the transformation in  Marketing, He is continuously giving seamless  efforts in learning the transformation, as a outcome of that. he was certified  in Google Adwords,  any Registered Entity can now partner with google after  Qualifying  in the google adwords 

He is now pursuing Reseach in Digital Marketing, He has Trained Many students in Digital Marketing, Many of them  Qualified in  google Adwords, moreover merly  a  google Certificate, students  are  skilled, students are able to face the problems faced in running a online campain

Digital Marketing Bubble

Today at every corner we could see more number of peoples are mushrooming, Just by effectively  utlizing  SMM and just by spending few thousands targeting a specfic keyword, with some sugar coted words they are able to win some half baked brains,Definately people who want to know the fundamentals should think from the bottom of pyramid.Mr.k.Thiruganasambandan has wide range of Quality answers for  various emerging trends in the field of marketing and It has worked for many




Google Adword Certification
Sales Achivement Award