Marks are coming from Asia and the Pacific: there are more tan 943 millions of mobile users. In some cities as Hong Kong or Singapore the penetration rate reaches over 89% while in USA this percentage is about 60%.
Most of the citizens confess starting to use their mobiles, early in the morning, just after waking up, mainly to look up their social networks. After this, they use their mobile devices around 3 hours a day just for leisure.
As a consequence, last Christmas, according to Microsoft inquiry, mobile devices were the most desirable presents for people who live in these geographic zone. After having smartphones and laptops, 35% of the population was asking for a tablet.
The weird fact is that multiscreening rate is significantly lower in Asia. Only Japanese people is around the media, 63%, but China, Singapore or India even the higher penetration of mobile devices just have around 58% of multiscreening.
But… why is all this information relevant?
The answer is simple for businesses: It helps to increase online shopping.
According to a study made by SAP, 69% of Asians have admitted purchasing at least once in their life, while 52% has made bank transfers. But these rates will be even higher if online security was better.
Nevertheless brands and businesses don’t invest all they should in mobile marketing or marketing strategies; furthermore more than 50% of the businesses don’t include this strategy in their marketing plans, which for sure, would attract more online purchases for them. As they know this fact, enterprises are working on promoting these sales channels, and budgets will grow in the close future.
However companies in order to promote or launch their products invest much more than the world average (17% vs. 2%) in spite of the fact they don’t expect purchases directly related with their efforts.  Also unlike to the marketing experts in the world, they are not really concerned about attracting web traffic is more important for them to maintain or try to achieve a well-known brand.
We think, that marketing departments in these countries should combine both ways: mobile marketing, based on the high rates we have written about, and product promotion strategies in order to be more effective and take advantage of their resources.

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With internet and globalisation the time for blog-writing has come. As you may know, blogs are websites where people share their opinions or information. Many people use their blogs just to share their opinion but there are also those who really intend to earn serious money. And lots of them manage to do it. I know, you might be asking yourself: But how can you make money by writing a blog if you don’t have to pay or be a member to enter it?
Well, the first thing you have to think of before starting to write a blog isn’t how much money you’re going to earn (even if you are aiming at big bucks).
It is very rare for a new blog to get famous or really popular at the very beginning. In fact, it usually takes at least two or three years for blogs to get their own traffic of readers, and even when they do, it still doesn’t mean they’re going to earn much money, and we must bear in mind that most blogs don’t make any money at all and those that make big bucks aren’t the norm among those that do make money because most make pocket money.
Okay, so how do I earn money with my blog?

Well, once your blog has a number of readers one of the most popular ways to earn money is by selling ad space on your blog. This is called Banner advertising. How does it work? Google’s Ad Sense, or Blog ads allow you to find and advertise ads related to your blog and pays you according to how many people click on the ad link for more information. This kind of service is very good because it’s for free (so you don’t lose money even if nobody clicks on the links).
Another way to earn money is to Affiliate Sales. It consists in turning your blog into a kind of intermediary page between readers and online sites that offer goods and services (like for…). How can this help your blog’s income? Every time you mention a book, film or anything that’s sold on Amazon or other similar websites you link it to these websites, and if the person who has clicked on the link buys a product from that page you earn a percentage of what they’ve paid.
You can also solicit contributions from your readers, so that if they are regular readers and want to make a small contribution they can do so by means of
Two more ways I can think of are probably less effective, but they can help you on the long run. You can either use your posts to show what skills you have(in case they are of interest to possible employers, larger blogs…) or you can try to make your blog a more “open” place so that you interact more with your clients and learn about them if you have a product to sell.
Another way to make money with your blog is by creating a membership area that can only be accessed by paying members or by Private Advertising or Affiliating Commissions.
Does your blog have a mobile version?
New times means finding new (better) ways to do the same things, and we have reached a point where we’ve improved and modernised ourselves so much that nowadays people can read news, check the weather forecast or read their favourite blog articles on the metro, on the street or in a cafeteria thanks to their mobile phone. That’s why it’s convenient for your blog to have a mobile version. Onbile templates allow you to create the mobile version of your blog. It’s an easy way to allow your readers to read your articles with their mobile devices no matter where they are.

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